Design is just as much about how it works as how it looks.

My job is to provide you with solutions that actually make sense for what you are trying to do - not squeeze your business into pre-fabricated templates or make something look pretty just for pretty's sake. I'll take the time to strategize with you and design a solution that best serves your goals.

The Process

  • Roadmap

    The first stage of the process is to define your goals. We'll talk through your overall vision and objectives and develop a design roadmap with deadlines for each solution you need. We'll talk about practical things like costs, timelines and aesthetics. When we finish you'll confidently know what you are getting, how soon you'll get it and how much it will cost.

  • Design

    Now we begin by proceeding down our defined roadmap. Through our various review checkpoints and deadlines you'll always be in the loop as to how your project is proceeding. You'll have the opportunity to make adjustments along the way before we get to the next stage.

  • Build

    Once you have reviewed and approved final design the building stage begins. You'll get to watch as your vision takes shape through the building and testing process. Once the project is completed you'll have one final opportunity to review before we launch to make sure your expectations are met.

  • Launch

    We're done! This is where we press the "big red button" and go live. After the launch we'll meet for one final review and you'll be on your way to accomplishing your objectives!